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The teacher //

Hi! I'm Laury, your dedicated Yoga guide and wellness enthusiast. With a passion for yoga that's as vibrant as the sun, I am here to lead you on a transformative journey toward physical and mental balance. Through my yoga journey I have discovered aspects of my being that I lost touch with long ago. I can say with certainty that this was the most important discovery of my life. It was through the movement of my body and stillness of my mind, I have found the path to my true self, the path I now want to share with you. 

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My education

Talia Sutra's workshop 

2 x 3h workshop - Yoga Room - Lisbon - Portugal

October 2023 & March 2024

June - August 2023

Functional Yoga & Anatomy with Laurane Landry 

30h continuing education Yoga Alliance

October 2022

Flexibility & mobility workshop with Cynn Davila
8h workshop - Yoga Shala - Paros - Greece

March - April 2021

Hatha & Vinyasa 250h Yoga Teacher Training

Carib Yoga Academy - Puerto Viejo - Costa Rica

The community

opens their hearts //

Jo - UK

Laury’s classes are so innovative, inventive and unique. Each time I practice  with her I feel like I am making so many self-discoveries and learning fresh things.. The practice incorporates many disciplines and is so versatile.. In addition, Laury’s approach is always calm, confident and inclusive
- I recommend to everyone!

Elena - Russia

Laury gently introduced me to the amazing world of yoga. Every practice with Laury was special. I had no idea what my body and mind were capable of. I have always felt beautiful inside and out afterwards. She knows how to find the right way for each person; her friendly but professional approach to her teaching will definitely comfort everyone. She will train your mind and body to self-heal and raise your awareness about yourself. I highly recommend Laury and can't wait to have new practices with her in person again!

Michi - Israel

Laury, she gives yoga classes at a high level, takes care of the practitioners and pushes them forward carefully. If you happen to be near Laury, don't hesitate and practice yoga with her!

Quamenah - Germany

If you have seen her practice you know she’s really living it! I first joined Laurys Yoga classes in Dahab and later online as well.
I really love the way she holds space and makes you feel comfortable no matter weather you’re intermediate advanced or just started. (Whatever that means when it comes to Yoga!)

Long story short… I highly recommend her 

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